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What's Your Story?

Who do we work with?

Kalo Creative works with nonprofit organizations and others doing good that have reached the point where they need a full-service creative team to come along beside them to carry out marketing and public relations initiatives beyond the scope of their existing staff. We help nonprofits and others that do good develop a focused message and clear brand identity that will target the right supporters and turn those supporters into true advocates for their cause— which, ultimately, means change in our communities, our cities, and the world.

Ideally, a Kalo Creative Client:

• Is a nonprofit (which includes churches and organizations) or a for profit business that wants to do good. 

• Has established a budget for marketing efforts or at least has access to resources that can be used for marketing efforts. 
• Has a measurable goal in mind for what their marketing effort should accomplish.
• Has determined a timeline or is open to guidance from Kalo Creative.
• Is ready to collaborate with Kalo Creative to accomplish marketing goals and change the world. 


If you are interested in working with us, fill out this short form and let us know.

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